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The primary focus of Burdell-Hunt Magnet is the academic achievement of our students. We are dedicated to providing a quality education in a safe and positive learning environment with effective instruction in every classroom.
The mission of our school is that each student demonstrates strength of character and is college or career ready. Our goal is to integrate our magnet focus of multimedia, Spanish, and writing into the basic curriculum in order to produce responsible citizens who are efficient in communications and problem solving.
As part of the multimedia focus, we have a state of the art morning broadcast which is fully produced by the students. We also have an upgraded computer lab where students create multimedia projects and compete in technology competitions. Through the focus of communicative arts, Burdell-Hunt students continuously excel in writing and experience explorations in two world languages – Spanish and Mandarin.
Burdell-Hunt was recognized in the fall of 2013 as a Title l Reward School High Progress. This means we are among the top 10 percent of Title l schools to make the most improvement over the past three years. Burdell-Hunt Magnet Elementary School strives for academic excellence!
We are located in historic East-Macon, the birthplace of the city. Burdell-Hunt Magnet Elementary School was established August 2003, when M.M. Burdell Elementary School and H.A. Hunt Magnet Elementary School were combined due to low student enrollment. As a beacon in the historic Fort Hill Community, Burdell-Hunt provides a rich opportunity for students to experience a traditional and specialized curriculum.
Our qualified, dedicated and caring staff provides a nurturing environment that encourages creativity and thinking skills among students. We are committed to making achievement a top priority by strengthening the bonds of respect, responsibility, and relationships with students, parents and the community.
Writing is an integral part of the curriculum. Students are encouraged to bring their creativity into the classroom and experience the joy of writing. The ultimate goal is to motivate students to become independent writers, who enjoy writing and understand the power of the written word. 
Students learn and expand their knowledge of language and cultures of our global Hispanic neighbors. They also learn basic conversational Spanish. Our students enjoy and celebrate cultural diversity of traditions, thoughts, and beliefs!
Our school is equipped with a state of the art television studio, two computer labs and a beautiful media center. Teams of students produce a 15 minute news show each morning. Students enjoy hands-on experiences using technology.