• Welcome to a Year of Magnificent Mathematics!
    The basis of the mathematics curriculum is the Georgia mathematics performance tasks.  These are real-life problems that ask the students to apply mathematics concepts.  Classroom teachers are doing a variety of things to help the students master the concepts, skills, and the tasks.  One method is facilitated group work, where the teacher assigns a group of students a problem and they work collaboratively to solve the problem.  When students have questions, the teacher is right there to assist by reviewing necessary skills and/or concepts to help them be successful.  Another method is direct instruction (used less frequently than before), where the teacher demonstrates/models for the students how to solve the problems.  Overall, the presentation of the content is based on the Mathematics Instructional Framework, which includes a thorough opening and/or mini-lesson, a well-defined work session, and a meaningful closing to summarize the concepts learned that day.  The transition to the standards-based classroom is a work in progress, and teachers are continuing to hone their skills in order to make the shift to a fully operational standards-based classroom.
    More information about the Common Core Georgia Performance Standards can be found at this link:  http://www.georgiastandards.org/Common-Core/Pages/default.aspx

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