• Cell Phone Protocol


    Rationale:  We have upcoming End of Course (EOC) assessments and preserving our bandwidth is going to be crucial in order to complete these tests successfully.  Many classes are having problems with managing students' cell phones, and students are being neither RESPECTFUL OR RESPONSIBLE with their cell phone usage.


    Effective at the conclusion of advisement on May 4, 2016 ALL TEACHERS will use the following protocol for cell phone usage:

    1.  At the beginning of each period, teachers will post the red sign on their boards.  This indicates that cell phones should be silenced and put away.  The teacher takes attendance while the students complete an opening activity.

    2. At the conclusion of the opening activity / attendance taking the teacher decides whether the red sign remains, indicating no cell phone usage, or the green sign is posted meaning cell phone usage is permitted.  The teacher is free to change the color of the sing as the situation arises.

    3. Physical Education classes that are involved in activities (non-classroom) do not use this protocol; if the PE class is doing a classroom activity, then this protocol applies.

    4. Consequences for failure to adhere to the red / green protocol are as follows:

      • 1st Offense - Office Discipline Referral (ODR) = 1 day ISS
      • 2nd Offense - ODR = 2 days ISS
      • 3rd Offense - ODR = 3 days ISS
      • 4th Offense - ODR = 1 day OSS (student must return with a parent)
      • 5th Offense - ODR = 2 days OSS