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    Vineville Academy of the Arts is a Fine Arts Magnet School.  We teach Common Core Georgia Performance Standards with FINE ARTS integrated into the curriculum.  Students are exposed to music, dance, art, strings, technology, S.T.E.A.M. and Chinese.  For students with exceptional talent in the areas of art, music, dance, S.T.E.A.M. or strings we offer extended classes and clubs.  Auditions for these classes are required. 
    Vineville Academy of the Arts follows a strict uniform dress code.  Students must be in uniform unless otherwise noted by the administration (Spirit Days or special days as noted by administration).
    Students are selected into Vineville Academy of the Arts by a lottery system which is conducted by Bibb County School District.  All applications are completed and delivered to the Bibb County School District Department of Student Affairs where a lottery is conducted.  The application process begins in October each year.  Please continue to view the website and the Bibb County School District website for exact dates.  Applications are not accepted if the application is not completed entirely, if any information is falsified or it the application is late (past the date due).
    When a student has been selected through the lottery to attend Vineville Academy of the Arts, a mandatory interview will be scheduled for the parent and child.  All required information regarding attendance, cultural events, fine arts projects, dress code and the Vineville Academy of the Arts Handbooks will be reviewed at this time. If the parent does not accompany the child for the required interview the selection will be revoked.
    At the time of the interview, parents will provide the child's latest report card and proof of interest in the Fine Arts program. Parents and students should be interested in and willing to support the Fine Arts Program. Both students and parents will fulfill additional requirements, which will be explained in the interview.
    In order for students to remain at Vineville Academy of the Arts - students must maintain strength of character, respected proper behavior, participate in the arts, complete fine arts projects and attend three cultural events.  A Vineville Academy of the Arts Handbook is provided for each child in attendance. Failure to do any of these things may result in dismissal from the Vineville Academy of the Arts Magnet School Program.
    For further information please contact Vineville Academy of the Arts at 478-779-3250. 
    Mrs. Marilyn Newberry is our Magnet School Coordinator.