Brain Gym® is a system of quick and enjoyable physical activities that directly enhance brain function to provide a kinesthetic foundation for learning. Brain Gym® is taught in more than 40 languages and used in homes, schools and businesses in more than 80 countries.

               These simple movements reduce the stress of information processing and restore the natural joy of learning.

         When done on a regular basis, Brain Gym® movements will assist in the integration of the left and right hemispheric functions of the brain, enhancing reading, writing, math skills, language and memory.  In this state of whole-brain integration, learners of all ages are able to draw out innate gifts and talents, making learning easier, less stressful and more joyful.

         Brain Gym® is also very effective in reducing the emotional stress so often created by learning experiences. When students are focused in a more relaxed manner, learning tasks are accomplished easier and behavior improves. Self responsibility and self-esteem are heightened as students begin to use Brain Gym® for themselves. Teachers often notice an improvement in cooperative play and work when students use Brain Gym® on a regular basis.

         Springdale is proud to be included in the list of schools world-wide who have integrated Brain Gym® into their daily curriculum. Students lead the school every morning on our morning news program in specific Brain Gym® movements. We have recently added music and rhythm to the movements which has been fun.

         As we prepare for the upcoming CRCT testing in April, we are confident that our school-wide use of Brain Gym® will be an advantage to our students. If you are not familiar with Brain Gym®, ask your child! They're experts! You can also visit the Brain Gym® website @ www.braingym.org for more information.