This year, students will be taking AR tests online using Renaissance Place.  The advantage of using the online program is the students will have access to any AR test.  Parents also will have access to Renaissance Home Connect. This allows parents to see which AR tests the students have taken and their scores. A letter has been sent home in signed papers with instructions for Renaissance Home Connect.



    *K-1 As a student begins to read and learns 100 site words, and has made 80% or higher on three tests, they can be Star tested to determine reading level and participate in the Accelerated Reader Program.

    * Grades 2-5 Children will be allowed to test on any book in their reading range (as determined by the Star Test). Teachers may ask the students to start out the year at the lower end of their ZPD range, but as they become more comfortable, they need to be able to test on any book in their range. Children should be scoring an overall average of 85% or higher in their assigned range. However, regardless of how high a student's reading level, they may still check out books on their grade level.  Also, students are encouraged to read books they love, regardless of reading level (but to test only on those that are withing their ZPD)!

    *The Accelerated Reader program is a positive incentive program intended to spark a child's interest in reading. Children are encouraged to achieve reading goals and maintain their corresponding percent progress. (ie. 50% of their goal at the progress report).  Students who are not at their goal will be given the opportunity to read during the day to catch up to meet their goals.

    *Teachers will set goals for each student at the beginning of each grading period.

    · Students must have 85% accuracy on AR tests for points to count and must take a test within the student's ZPD.

    · Reports will be printed at the end of the grading period by the teacher and sent home with progress report and report card. Alternatively, parents can monitor AR progress using the Renaissance Home Connect website.  Instructions for doing this are available from your child's teacher or the media specialist.

    Rewards For AR:


    When a student meets his/her goal set by the teacher, he/she will receive a treat at the end of each nine weeks!
    Students who make their goals for first and second and then third and fourth grading periods will be eligible for a “Mystery Event”.

    AR Cutoff Dates for 2014-2015
    1st 9 weeks -    Tuesday, October 10, 2014
    2nd 9 weeks -   Monday, December 19, 2014
    3rd 9 weeks -    Monday, March 10, 2015
    4th 9 weeks -    Friday, May 9, 2015
    Millionaire Readers
    We celebrate our students who read one million words when they reach that milestone!  Research has shown that reading one million words within a year increases one's reading level by one grade level.  So, for students who are trying to become Millionaire Readers, there is a 5th AR period from May 10 to May 23.  Millionaire readers are those who have read 1,000,000 words as evidenced by AR tests they have taken and passed during the school year.