• Rutland Middle School

    Student Commitments



    As a proud Rutland Middle School student:


    1. I will have respect for all adults at Rutland, and I will obey instantly and without comment or question any adult at Rutland who makes a request of me or gives me directions.
    2. I will respect the rights of other students to learn, and I will move through the halls, in line, and without making noise from class to class and throughout the school day.
    3. I will comply with Rutland’s strictly enforced ZERO TOLERANCE OF VIOLENCE POLICY, and I will resolve all conflicts in a peaceful manner.
    4. I will respect my fellow classmates, and I will not touch another person’s body or make any comment about another person’s body or about sex or sexual acts. I understand that such acts are not appropriate and are considered sexual harassment.
    5. I will have concern for my peers, and I will report to teachers, administrators, or others in authority any information or suspicions I have about potential threats to other students or to the safe and orderly operation of the school.
    6. I will respect myself and my parents, and I will not use language that is rude, crude, vulgar, profane, or offensive while speaking to other students or to adults.
    7. I will respect the rights of teachers to teach, and I understand that disrupting a teacher’s efforts to teach is a serious matter. I will abide by Rutland’s Zero Tolerance of Disruptive Conduct Policy.
    8. I will respect the property of others, and I will respect the school facility. I will not touch or take things that do not belong to me, and I will refrain from any and all forms of vandalism.
    9. I will take responsibility for my education, and I will uphold the highest standards of academic honesty and will complete all work without plagiarism or cheating.


    C ome Prepared

    A ct Responsibly


    N ice

    E xcel Academically

    S how Respect



Last Modified on February 8, 2008