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Pre-K Registration Information

If a child is selected, parents will be required to provide registration documents during the on-site registration process. If registration documents are not received during this time frame, the child's Pre-K slot will be forfeited. Registration documents include:

  • Two proofs of residence (mortgage statement/lease agreement and utility bill for address of residence),

  • Child's certified birth certificate,

  • Child's Social Security card,

  • Immunization - GA form 3231 (may be turned in as soon as the child turns 4)

  • Ear, Eye, Dental and Nutrition Screening - GA form 3300 (may be turned in as soon as the child turns 4)

  • Photo ID of parent/guardian.

Attached documents must be completed at the time of the on-site registration at a school AFTER your child has been selected by the lottery. Click on the titles to reach the documents.

In addition to submitting these documents, parents also need to complete the ONLINE REGISTRATION PROCESS.