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Family Engagement Program


Bibb County Families!  For assistance, please call the numbers below. We are in this together!  We are #Built4Bibb!

¡Familias del condado de Bibb!  Para obtener ayuda, llame a los siguientes números.  ¡Estamos en esto juntos!  ¡Somos #Built4Bibb!


About the Family Engagement Program

The Family Engagement Program is dedicated to creating and supporting partnerships between students, parents and the community. As a central resource for family engagement, the Family Engagement Program strives to involve and inform parent leaders and families as essential partners in helping students achieve their goals. The Family Engagement Program is responsible for the development of programs and strategies to support district-wide engagement of families and community stakeholders.

Our Mission

The BCSD Family Engagement Program will provide authentic opportunities for families and the community to become full partners in the academic success of every student.

Our Stakeholders

The Family Engagement Program seeks to engage and support students, families, and communities of the Bibb County School District to share responsibility for every student becoming college or career ready. We are building dual capacity of both parent and staff knowledge and skills to engage families with learning and shared decision making opportunities.