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Professional Learning

Professional Learning

What is Professional Learning?

Professional learning is a process designed to foster personal and professional growth for individuals within a respectful, supportive, positive organizational climate having as its ultimate aim better learning for students and continuous responsible self-renewal for educators and schools. (Source: ASCD Yearbook) Professional learning is a strategy for making basic organizational changes in the way school personnel work and learn together. Professional learning is the process for developing a long-term capacity for continuous self-study and improvement in schools.

Melanique Floyd

Director of Professional Learning


Laurie Johnson
Budget Assistant


Michelle Spivey
Program Manager



Mission Statement


The mission of the Professional Learning Department of the Bibb County School District is to promote the development of educational personnel in order to improve student learning by providing leadership, by modeling and disseminating effective professional development practices, and by serving as the network for schools, departments, and individuals responsible for the professional growth of both certified and non-certified staff.