• What is TAA?

    A systemic, systematic method of delivery wherein an entire student population (grades 6-12) is assigned, in small groups, to a trained, caring adult advisor who both advocates for his or her advisees and facilitates sessions focused on:

    1. Career Management: Awareness, Exploration, and Planning
    2. Academic Achievement, Educational Attainment and Lifelong Learning: Academic Development
    3. Life Skills: Personal and Social Development


    The TAA 10-Step Model

    1. Establishing Need and Gaining Awareness of Data
    2. The Educational and Career Planning Process
    3. Articulating a Statement of Purpose
    4. Strategic Planning for Parent/Family Involvement
    5. Achieving Consensus on Organization and Logistics
    6. Designing Framework-Based Content for Delivery
    7. Understanding and Fully Utilizing Assessment Results
    8. Determining the Level of Leader Involvement and Support
    9. Professional Learning and Ongoing Support
    10.Assessing the Effectiveness of a TAA Program