• A Message from Mr. Lawrence Mink, Hutchings Work-Based Learning Coordinator:

    During my visits with Hutchings Worked-Based Learning employers, a common theme is repeated:

    "Your students are great. Send us more!” As the WBL program coordinator, this is the good news worth repeating. This community partnership is only possible when the school, student and employer are all totally committed to a successful outcome. That means adequately preparing students to reach and surpass measurable goals with an eye on a career. Our mission here at Hutchings reflects that theme..."Great Careers Start Here!

    Driving across Bibb County, I am impressed with our diversified local economy. With a variety of both private and public sector jobs, we should be the envy of many Georgia counties. That's why our mission here at Hutchings is critically important to the continued growth and success of the Central Georgia region. Job creation is a dynamic enterprise and so is matching young people to fill those jobs. The Hutchings Work-Based learning program appreciates the local support we receive as students prepare for a rewarding career. There's nothing more satisfying than observing a student who realizes the important connection between school, work and a lifetime of achievement.

Last Modified on September 25, 2007