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    Hello , My name is Nurse Missy and my job here @ Howard Middle School is to make sure everyone is healthy and encourage good health for our students and staff . It is helpful for the parents/guardians to complete the school nurse form for the school nurse to have on file in the school clinic.The form is sent home @ the beginning of every school year and new forms must be completed if students transfer within the Bibb County School System. If your child is required to be given medication during school hours a Medical Authorization form must be completed and turned into School Office.

    Germs spread quickly in a school environment and sick children must remain at home when contagious to prevent outbreaks of viruses, sore throats ,colds ,etc. Here are some helpful hints to parents to help us prevent sickness @ School:

    #1) If your child is contagious or too sick to get through the school day,please keep them home.

    #2) Fever-- If tempature is 100 degrees or higher children should stay home until there is no fever for 24 hours. If you treat your child with medication before school,the fever can return and your child may still be contagious.

    #3) Diarrhea or Vomiting one event of watery stools or more than one event of vomiting are reasons to keep your child has fever, rash or weakness call doctor.

    #4 ) Persistent Coughing --If coughing or having a hard time breathing and has fever, call doctor

    #5 ) Sore Throat If fever present or severe sore throat without fever , keep home and call doctor

    #6 ) Pink Eye If your childs eye is red with cloudy or yellow drainage and is painful they should stay home and see doctor. (Seeing a doctor is the only way to have Pinkeye treated. )

    #7 ) Persistent Ear Pain Child should stay home and Doctor should be notified .

    #8 ) Stomach Ache - If child does not want to eat and says it hurts stomach to move, See Doctor .

    #9 ) Chickenpox --Your child should stay home until all bumps are scabbed over and no new bumps have shown up in 2 days .

    # 10) Impetigo If your child has impetigo (red ,oozing blister areas with yellow gold scabs on body or face) they should stay home as long as Doctor says to stay home .


    Please help us take care of your childs health and the other children here @ Howard Middle School. Look for more news to follow to take care of your health.


    Nurse Missy
    School Nurse