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It is our vision in Bibb County School District to provide challenging learning opportunities to help motivate and encourage all our students.  We would like our students to leave us possessing the critical thinking and problem-solving skills to become successful innovators in our society.  

It is our mission to engage students in classroom environments that help students learn about careers in the fields of Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Math along with encouraging teachers to integrate subjects when teaching, allow students to work collaboratively on tasks with peers, and to practice solving real-world problems. 

Both STEM and STEAM education in our district are defined by purposeful integration of science and mathematics, language arts, and social studies to offer potential solutions to a real-world problems. The Bibb County School District will accomplish this integration of subjects through problem/project-based learning (PBL), claim-evidence-reasoning (CER), and support from community partnerships.  

We are thankful for our STEM/STEAM business partners here in our own community that are an integral part of our focus on STEM/STEAM education in our schools. 

Our Bibb County STEM/STEAM community partners and volunteers help our schools in the following ways:

-Offer insights into an aspect of a specific STEM/STEAM field or career
-Relate STEM/STEAM to the real-world experiences of the students
-Act as a resource for the teachers and for the students
-Assist with field trip opportunities and other programs that might enhance the learning experience
-Help teachers with science fairs, robotics competitions, Science Olympiad, or technology competitions, etc.

Please take a look at the businesses below that are within our community that help support our STEM/STEAM education efforts in our schools.  If you are interested in becoming a STEM/STEAM community support please contact, Dr. Michelle Davis, School Improvement Coordinator of STEM/STEAM Education at:

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