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Transfers & Withdrawals

Please refer to the Bibb County School District Policy JBCD for important information regarding Transfers and Withdrawals.

    • Internal - If you are transferring from one school in BCSD to another school in BCSD, please utilize Parent Portal to access our Online Registration platform.  When you enter your new address and provide supporting proof of residence, you can contact the new school to complete the transfer process.
    • External - If you are transferring from a school outside of BCSD, please go to our information for enrolling a new student through our Online Registration system.  Welcome to BCSD!  CLICK HERE
    • While we strive to provide the very best educational services to our students, we recognize that there are circumstances that will require that you withdraw your student from BCSD schools.  Please contact the school to inform them of your intent to withdraw, your reason for withdrawal, and to determine what additional steps may be required in order to clear records and request that records be sent to your new school.
    • We appreciate your support in helping us maintain updated enrollment records and wish you the best moving forward.