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Research, Evaluation, Assessment and Accountability

To submit records information, please use Fax number 478-779-2022.

The Office of Research, Evaluation, Assessment and Accountability  supports and/or coordinates the district, state and national testing programs, data requests, research requests, CCRPI verifications,  district surveys, Bibb Accountability Measures (BAM),  full-time equivalent, federal impact aid, school data teams, high school waivers and variances, program evaluation and statistical research in support of our accountability programs. Our goal is to assist the Bibb County schools with continuous improvement of student achievement.

Research and Evaluation Component:

  • Provides demographic, student performance, research, and planning information from numerous data sources.
  • Evaluates implementation of district programs.
  • Organizes and presents data in support of program evaluation and program continuation.
  • Participates in external agency research projects.
  • Develops and/or reviews questionnaires and surveys.
  • Processes requests for permission to conduct research.

Assessment Component:

  • Supports the district-wide assessment process to improve student performance by establishing system testing dates and policies.
  • Measures the level of student achievement on the Georgia Standards of Excellence (GSE). Provides schools with diagnostic and predictive information for identifying academic strengths and weaknesses to establish priorities in planning educational programs.
  • Implements state mandated tests in compliance with state requirements.
  • Implements and obtains national norm-referenced tests and national assessments to measure student progress relative to national progress.
  • Facilitates and assists in the development of local assessments that identify student learning patterns and needs.
  • Coordinates proctoring and administration of tests in the schools.
  • Establishes test security guidelines for the school system.
  • Ensures data and test scores are available in multiple formats to meet the needs of district and departmental goals.
  • Analyzes and reports data and test score results to the schools, district, parents, and public.
  • Provides website information to our students, parents, and public through links to testing and CCRPI.
  • Provides support to our students and parents with Test Taking Tips through available community venues.

Accountability Overview:

  • Serves as system and school liaison with the Governor's Office of Student Achievement for determination of CCRPI Report.
  • Assists and supports the district's schools to meet/exceed standards and interpret the  College Career Ready Performance Index (CCRPI) at federal, state and local levels.
  • Assists in formulation, establishment, and implementation of system accountability plans Bibb Accountability Measures = BAM), school benchmarks, and district scorecard to close achievement gaps between and among all student subgroups.
  • Assists with the coordination of data teams and surveys to assist our schools and district with data-driven decision-making to promote student achievement.

Records Management is a division of the department which maintains records of the school system including transcripts of former students. For more information about transcripts, Click Here