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Bus Rules

The school bus: The importance of transporting students safely


The Student Guidelines for Success will apply to all violations to and from school; at the bus stop; and while boarding, riding, or exiting buses. Violation of these rules may result in the suspension of bus privileges or consequences deemed necessary by the administration.

The school system provides transportation as a service to students. Transportation is a privilege that is granted to students who comply with school bus rules and regulations. Eligibility to ride a school bus may be revoked or suspended for the violation of any policy governing student conduct on a school bus.

Students who are involved in serious or repeated acts of unacceptable behavior on the school bus will have their riding privileges suspended or revoked. Suspension of bus privileges does not excuse the student from school attendance. During the period of suspension, it will be the responsibility of the parent/guardian to provide transportation to and from school. The school system will not provide alternative transportation. In addition, unacceptable behavior on the school bus or at the school bus stop may result in suspension or expulsion from school.

NoteIn the event of an address change, the parent/guardian must notify the school of attendance immediately and provide proof of residency to maintain bus riding privileges. Once the address update procedure is completed by the school, all new information will be forwarded to the Transportation Department.

Rules, Regulations, and Consequences

Because there are serious safety concerns involved with the operation of school buses, it is expected that all students comply with the following requirements for bus conduct. Because the bus is an extension of the school day, the Student Guidelines for Success also applies to behavior on the bus and at the bus stop. Students may be cited for acts of misconduct while on the school bus for any of the following:

1. Only those students assigned to a bus may ride the bus unless they have written permission from the principal and parent, and only from/to their assigned bus stop. Permission will be granted only in extenuating circumstances. The principal/designee will notify Transportation Dispatcher of any changes.

2. Bus drivers have complete charge of students while riding the bus. Drivers are responsible for the students' conduct and safety. Bus drivers will report promptly to the supervisor, who will in-turn report to the school principal or his/her designee any misbehaviour. Principals or their designee are responsible for disciplining students for bus misbehaviour.

3. Bus drivers will, and if needed, with the assistance of the principal or his/her designee, assign seats to all students.

4. Students must be at the bus stop at least ten (10) minutes before the scheduled time for the a.m. route.

5. Students must take their seats promptly when loading the bus.

6. Students should never stand in or play in the road while waiting for the bus.

7. Before loading the bus, students must remain 15 feet from the street until the bus driver opens the entrance door or signals students to cross the street.

8. Students must remain in their seats while the bus is in motion. Students shall remain seated unless individually loading or unloading. Students must enter or exit the bus without crowding or disturbing others and occupy their seat immediately.

9. Students will not be allowed to enter or leave a bus at any place other than the student's designated bus stop or school. Students who board the bus will be delivered to their destination only.

10.Students are not allowed to transport animals (dead or alive), balloons, or glass containers on the bus. Items brought onto the bus cannot block the aisle or interfere with the view of the bus driver. Large items such as band instruments, shop projects, sports equipment (Baseball bats in or out of a bag), skateboards and other school projects shall not be permitted on the bus if they interfere with the driver or other passengers. The aisle seats, exits, and driver's vision shall not be blocked.

11.Students who must change busses at any school or wait for a bus must remain at the designated location at the school until the bus arrives or departs. While awaiting a bus change, students are under the control of the principal of the school or the principal's designee. If the student violates the school's rules or the rules and regulations of the Bibb County Board of Education, the student will be punished by the principal of the school that the student attends.

12.Students must not call out passers-by. They should not open the bus window without permission from the driver or extend head or arms out of the window. Throwing objects on the bus or out the window or placing any object or part of the body out of the window will result in consequences as determined by the administration.

13.Students should not leave the bus without the driver's consent, except on arrival at their regular bus stop or at school.

14.Displaying disrespectful or insubordinate conduct toward the bus driver or other persons on the school bus which includes, but is not limited to, spitting, using profanity, making obscene gestures, etc.

15.Students are not permitted to bully, intimidate, or fight on the bus or at the bus stop.

16.Other forms of misconduct that will not be tolerated are acts such as, but not limited to, indecent exposure, obscene gestures, or spitting.

17.Providing the bus driver an incorrect name or address.

18.Failing to obey orders and/or directions of the bus driver, monitor, or Transportation personnel.


20.Damaging the bus.

21.Students must remain in their seats and keep aisle clear.

22.Students must stay seated until the bus comes to a complete stop.

23.Students are not to eat or drink on the bus.

24.Tampering with emergency exit (back door) will result in a minimum 10-day suspension.

25.Using any electronic devices during the operation of a school bus. This includes, but is not limited to cell phones; pagers; audible radios; tape or compact disc players without head phones; or any other electronic device in a manner that might interfere with the school bus communication equipment or the school bus driver's operation of the school bus. Georgia state law prohibits the use of a cell phone on a school bus.

26.Using mirrors, lasers, flash cameras, or any other lights or reflective devises in a manner that might interfere with the school bus driver's operation of the bus.

27.Parents/guardians are not allowed to enter the bus. Any concerns must be addressed with the building administrator and/or bus route supervisor.

28.In approaching the bus or a bus stop along the highway, students should walk on the left side of the road facing traffic. Students should be sure that the road is clear of all traffic or that all traffic has stopped before crossing. Upon leaving the bus, students should immediately walk around the front of the bus and stop before crossing. Students should make sure that the road is either clear of all traffic or that all traffic has come to a complete stop before crossing.

29.Any other infractions as delineated in the Students Guidelines for Success.

In extreme situations and at the discretion of the principal or the Director of Transportation, first or second offenses may result in suspension from the bus for the remainder of the year.

In extreme situations and at the discretion of the principal, first or second offenses may result in suspension from school, placement in an alternative education program, or expulsion.

The principal will notify the parent/guardian of any disciplinary action or suspension.

The principal has final authority regarding bus discipline, providing he or she has followed the guidelines for progressive discipline (See below). There will be no student appeals.


1st Offense - Discipline will be issued as deemed appropriate by the Principal. Parent conference may be held with principal/designee before student can continue to ride bus. Required signature of student and parent on behavior contract.

2nd Offense - Student will receive a mandatory 10-day suspension from the bus and a required parent conference with the principal (or designee) before the student can resume riding.

3rd Offense - Substantiated third offenses will result in expulsion from the bus for the remainder of the year. Anytime a student is suspended for the remainder of the year from a bus, this will include all busses even if the student changes schools or moves during the school year. Students receiving an expulsion for the remainder of the school year with less than 30 days remaining will be suspended for the first semester of the following school year.

Consequences for fighting or engaging in acts of physical assault or battery on a school bus will result in a 10-day suspension from the bus for the first offense and suspension for the remainder of the year for a second offense.

Students causing damage to a school bus or other property will be suspended from the bus for the remainder of the year. Parents/guardians will be required to pay for the cost of repair. For the purpose of this policy, "Damage" shall include writing, graffiti, and damage to seats.

In cases of extreme misbehaviour while students are being transported to and from school or school related activities, the Bibb County School District Police Department may be called to remove the student(s) from the bus. In this event, the Transportation Department or the police will notify the parent or legal guardian that the student has been removed from the bus and as to where the BCSD police officer has transported the student. In addition to removal by campus police, the student may be suspended from the school bus for the remainder of the year. Criminal charges may also be filed.