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Hotspot FAQs 2023

  1. What is a mobile hotspot?
  2. A device that provides wireless internet access where coverage is available. Mobile hotspot provided by the BCSD during the 2022-2023 school year will be either an AT&T or Verizon-Orbic model.

  3. Is information on these devices being tracked?
     No personal or private information such as login information or account numbers is tracked. 
  4. Can a student get a replacement of they lose or damage their hotspot?
  5. Hotspots are purchased with grant and special program funds. Replacements are not provided for lost or damaged hotspots.

  6. What can my student use this device for?
  7. Students will be able to connect to the internet to use digital resources such as ClassLink, Canvas and Office365, to access class materials and work on projects.

  8. What safety measures are in place when using a district provided hotspot?
  9. All hotspots provided by the district include a filtering program that is automatically setup on the service.

  10. Does a student have to have a school issued laptop or iPad checked out to check out a hotspot?
  11. No, students may use a personal or family device to check out a hotspot.

  12. Who is eligible to check out hotspots from the BCSD?
  13. Hotspots are provided for BCSD students in K – 12.

  14. Can more than one student in a family check out a hotspot?
  15. Yes, hotspots can be checked out by multiple students in a family, if hotspots are available.

  16. When will the hotspots become active?
  17. Hotspots are active as soon as they are checked out.

  18. Who provides hotspot support?
  19. The vendor, either T-Mobile or Verizon provides hotspot support.

  20. How can students find out what phone number associated with the hotspot, if needed for support?
  21. Associated phone numbers and serial numbers are in the Destiny record.

  22. How long can students keep hotspots?
  23. Hotspots can be checked out as long as needed.

  24. Can a hotspot be checked out to another student if it is returned?
  25. Yes, as soon as it is checked in, it can be checked out to another student.

  26. Will additional hotspots be provided in the future?
  27. There is not a plan to provide additional hotspots at this time.

  28. How are hotspots allotted in the district?
  29. Allocation of hotspots is based program or grant guidelines. If no guidelines are provided, hotspots are distributed based on need and FTE count.

  30. Do students have to return the hotspots at the end of each school year?
  31. No, students can keep the hotspots during the summer for enrichment and educational related activities.


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