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Georgia Student Connect Program

Georgia Student Connect Program – Free Hot Spots for Students

The Georgia Department of Education’s (GaDOE) Georgia Student Connect program connects students by providing hotspots and high-speed internet service to households with a K-12 student living in low-income housing.

The goal of Georgia Student Connect is to provide reliable internet service for students living in low-income housing, enabling them to complete homework assignments and access their education at home. The Office of the Governor, GaDOE, and telecommunication vendors have partnered to achieve this goal. Georgia Student Connect will enable students in affordable housing to access their education at home by providing them with reliable internet service.

Eligible students will be contacted by their school with details about the Georgia Student Connect program. No action will need to be taken by eligible students or their households in order to enroll. Eligibility was determined by the state based on a student’s residence in low-income housing and the current internet service available for that housing.

Hotspot devices and internet service will be free with no contracts or commitments. There will be no replacements for devices. Program goal is to provide each student with access to their education at home.

For more information on how to use the hotspot, please visit the Hotspot Resource page HERE.

Your school district and T-Mobile want to make sure you are able to successfully connect your device. If you have a question, do the following: Contact T-Mobile’s Government Team of Experts – this customer support team provides support for troubleshooting hotspots.

Our dedicated T-Mobile’s Government Team of Experts (GTEX) is available Monday—Friday 5:30AM–5:30PM.  Dial 1-844-361-1310

Once dialed you will be connected to a Support Representative.

Please tell the rep you are calling that you need technical support with your hotspot, which is not working.

Inform the Rep that you are an end user and that they should be able to assist you with technical support since it is not revenue impacting.

After Hours -Dial 1-800-375-1126 to reach Business Care for 24/7 assistance.

If you are still experiencing issues after speaking to technical support such as insufficient signal issues or defective devices, please reach out to Technology Services at (478)765-8684.

For other information, resources, and school district contact information, visit