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Travel/Expense Statements

If there is any missing information, payment will be delayed. Fill out the top of the expense statement completely which includes your vendor number and your correct mailing address. Be sure to include the approved professional leave form and the out-of-state travel form if applicable. Meals are reimbursed on a per diem rate based upon the travel destination. Airfare and lodging expenses must be documented by a receipt. Please have employees take a sales tax exemption form and a hotel/motel exemption form with them when they will be staying at Georgia motels.  These forms are available on the Accounting SharePoint page.   There is also a Florida sales tax exemption on the SharePoint page. Airport shuttles, parking fees, and taxi fares also require documentation. Do not put anything on a travel expense statement that you did not personally pay for. Travel expense statements should be prepared monthly.

Common Issues

  • Your vendor number is not your employee ID number.  Your school/department administrative assistant can give you your vendor number and verify that your address is correct.
  • If you change your mailing address, please update your address with the Procurement Department.
  • There are no meal reimbursement when meals are provided by the conference, regardless of if you choose not to attend the meal.
  • There are multiple steps in the approval process that must be completed before AP receives the travel reimbursement.  Please allow ten (10) days from receipt in AP for the request to be processed and paid. 

Mileage Chart

Travel Reimbursement Day Trips Only 2024.01.01

Travel Reimbursement Incl Prepaid 2024.01.01

Travel Reimbursement Day Trips Only 2023.01.01

Travel Reimbursement incl prepaid 2023.01.01 

Summary of Changes to Statewide Travel Policy
Lodging Forms

Business Travel Summary Updates