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Social Media Disclaimer

The Bibb County School District promotes parent and stakeholder engagement through social media. Any comments made by community members on District social media posts reflect the opinion of the commenter and do not reflect the goals and opinions of the District. We ask that anyone wishing to comment on content on this page do so in a way that does not bully, intimidate or harass others and that does not include malicious content, hate speech, pornographic material or other graphic language.

The District reserves the right to remove comments that violate these requests or include profanity and other inappropriate content to include remarks that demean District employees, students or schools. We also reserve the right to remove comments that contain factual inaccuracies or are not related to the post in question. 

Please help us maintain a positive and respectful online presence by adhering to these requests and reporting comments that do not do so.

While District staff monitor all social media accounts and interact occasionally, due to the nature of social media, not all questions can be answered in this space. If you have an urgent matter in need of a resolution, please visit Let's Talk! to direct your concern to the proper department.