Thank You for Seven Years - 9/16/21

I have shared many blogs over the years, and I will be honest, this has been the most difficult one for me to put together. I have struggled with how to start and what to say, so I decided to start as I hope I almost always do – by thanking you.

I want to thank you for a great seven years as your Superintendent. I have thoroughly enjoyed the work we have done, the achievements we have accomplished and the relationships we have created. In my humble opinion, Bibb County is one of the best school districts in the state. You are amazing. You teach well, you lead well, you care about students, you care about our community, and I have seen time and time again, your dedication and hard work. Know that I appreciate you so much.

As I have thought about retiring, I have been able to reflect on the work of Victory in Progress. I have started asking myself, “Is there Victory in Progress? What have we accomplished?” The truth is, we have accomplished a lot! Yes, the graduation rate has gone up and, yes, reading scores have improved, but what we have also done is create opportunities for students all over this community and this school district to be all they could be. I am very proud of the technology we have been able to install in schools, the facilities we have built, of the administrators we have hired and promoted, the teachers who have joined our team, the students who have graduated, and all the work we have done.

The past seven years have been the best years of my professional life, and it is because of you. I want to thank you for allowing me to have the humbling experience of being your Superintendent. As I prepared to give my official notice to the Board of Education that I will retire at the end of this school year, I have struggled, and I think that’s why this blog has been so hard for me to write. While I know it is a good decision, I will miss you. I will miss you greatly.

I have been asked what I will do in retirement. I will continue to be thankful. I want to thank my wife, Evelyn, for the years we’ve spent together and my family for the support they have given me all these years. I want to thank my mom and mother-in-law for the support they have provided as well. My family has been truly outstanding, so in retirement I am looking forward to giving back some of the time I took from them. They have been amazing, and I am looking forward to seeing them more, spending more time with them, and thanking them for their support. And of course, Go Falcons! BBQ time! Time in the backyard, and maybe, just maybe, a little bit of consulting. 

Between now and the end of the school year, I am sure I will see you. Let us remember the good times, and let’s not focus on the past. We still have work to do this year, and we don’t want to waste that time.

VIP continues, 

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