• Small Business Development Pathway Courses (CHS, SHS, WHS, HCC, RHS, HHS)FBLA logo
    • 06.41600 - Business Essentials (Prerequisite:  Computer Applications)
    • 06.41500 - Legal Environment of Business (Prerequisite:  Business Essentials)
    • 06.41700 - Entrepreneurial Ventures (Prerequisite:  Legal Environment of Business)



    Occupation Specialties


    Level of Education Needed


    Average Salary

    Advertising and Promotion Manager

    Bachelor’s Degree


    Chief Executive

    Bachelor’s Degree plus work experience


    Employment, Recruitment, and Placement Specialist

    Bachelor’s Degree


    Social and Community Service Manager

    Bachelor’s Degree


    Training and Development Manager

    Bachelor’s Degree


Last Modified on January 24, 2012