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    Did you know that reading is to the mind what exercise is to the body? Yet in today’s world, we receive so much information via radio, television and multimedia experiences. Consequently, none of these avenues has the ability to educate as the fundamental skill of reading. It is for this reason that I love to instill in students a real love for reading!

    The fact that students reap great benefits from reading cannot be doubted or questioned. Look below to see how reading impacts your life:

          ·         Reading allows you to exercise and cultivate your creative thinking skills.

    ·         Reading develops critical thinking and a person's creativity.

    ·         Reading helps you develop fluency in a language and improve communication skills.

    ·         Reading introduces you to new things and has the ability to broaden your interests.

    ·         Reading regularly increases your vocabulary.

    ·         Reading can develop positive values.

    ·         Reading increases your ability to concentrate.

    ·         Reading helps to improve your spelling (words are seen in print). 

    ·         Reading also improves your writing skills.

    Mary Schmich said that “reading is a discount ticket to everywhere”. Enjoy your summer, fall, winter, and spring traveling to places known and unknown. If you know of a great book, please share! Today’s readers are tomorrow’s leaders and I look forward to seeing each of my students become lifelong readers! 

    "Books are the legacies that a great genius leaves to mankind, which are delivered down from generation to generation as presents to the posterity of those who are yet unborn."
    ~ Joseph Addison  ~