The mission of The Power of the Pearls is to enhance the development of young ladies and empower them through exposing them to the benefits and the importance of positive self-image, responsible personal conduct, respect for self and others, educational achievement and cultural enrichment.




    ¨ To increase the awareness of the importance of mentoring for our girls and young women. as well as seize countless opportunities to speak candidly with the community and corporate leaders, role models, and advocates.

    ¨ To promote academic excellence among the mentees by involving business and community leaders, and

          organizations to support their goals.

    ¨ To promote strength of character and reinforce life skills among mentees through community service and various  outreach programs and program initiatives

    ¨ To assist in establishing a path to success for mentees

    ¨ To address the social, emotional, educational and cultural needs of mentees