• The Power of a Penny

    On November 3, 2015, the voters of Bibb County approved a renewal of the Education Special Purpose Local Option Sales Tax (ESPLOST) by 75 percent to help continue making improvements to our school district for another 5 years.

    This is the fourth ESPLOST campaign by the Bibb County School District, with previous campaigns in 2000, 2005, and 2010. The renewal of the 1 percent sales tax will allow the Bibb County School District to fund Capital Program projects at District facilities throughout Bibb County. The 2015 ESPLOST is projected to collect about $150 million. A recent study by the Georgia Tech Research Institute found that more than 70 percent of sales tax funds are collected from non-Bibb County residents.

    Previous ESPLOST campaigns have allowed the District to fund new schools such as Heard Elementary, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Elementary, Northwoods Academy, Howard Middle and High, Southwest High, Ingram-Pye Elementary, Central High, Ballard-Hudson Middle, Bruce Elementary, Alexander II Magnet, Rutland Middle and High, Skyview Elementary, Vineville Academy, and more; facility improvements and upgrades; athletic improvements and upgrades; technology infrastructure improvements; security enhancements; and more. An overview of projects funded by ESPLOST campaigns is below.
    For more information about the ESPLOST Oversight Committee, click here.
    ESPLOST Goals:

    •Although some are school-specific, the majority of the projects will involve and improve facilities and services district wide.
    •More efficient buildings, facilities and vehicles mean reduced maintenance and operations costs.
    •Security improvements increase safety on our campuses.
    •State-of-the-art technology devices and software provide the tools needed for today’s learning environments.
    •All BCSD students will benefit. 
    Progress of Projects Funded by the 2016 ESPLOST:



    - Interactive panels in every classroom - Complete

    - Classroom camera and audio - Complete

    - Computer refresh - In progress

    - Wireless access upgraded - complete

    Superintendent Shares Benefits of Classroom Audio-Visual Equipment from Bibb Schools on Vimeo.



    - New playgrounds installed at all elementary schools - Complete



    - 23 facilities with access control installed

    - Remaining facilities in progress

    Gym Air Conditioning Projects

    Gym AC

    - Middle schools - Complete

    - Elementary schools - 8 complete, 3 to be complete early 2018, 10 remaining

    Furniture Replacement


    - Classroom furniture replaced at 5 schools

    - Furniture ordered and pending at 12 schools

    New Facilities


    - New Northeast High School - Under design (Break ground June 2018)

    - New Appling Middle School - Under design (Break groiund June 2019)

    - New Transportation/Campus Police Facility - Break ground November 2017

    Athletic Improvements


    - Thompson Stadium track replacement - In progress, scheduled to be complete October 2017



    - District-wide roof improvements - In progress

    - Alexander II renovations on-going - To be complete Summer 2018

    - Hartley and Ingram-Pye HVAC replacement in progess - To be complete early 2018


    - Work planned to start in 2019

    Completed Projects Funded By the 2010 ESPLOST:

    Total funds collected: $176,129,000
    Veterans MLK
    Five new elementary schools
    - ES #1/Heard Elementary – Complete
    - ES #2/Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Elementary – Complete
    - ES #3/Veterans Elementary – Complete
    - ES #4/Bloomfield MS-Southfield ES Conversion – Complete
    - ES #5 – removed
    Bernd Riley
    - Porter Elementary - Complete
    - Bernd Elementary - Complete
    - Riley Elementary - Complete
    - Williams Elementary – Complete
    - Union Elementary – Complete
    - Brookdale Elementary – Complete
    - Carter Elementary – Complete
    - Westside High/Rutland High Gym AC – Complete
    - King Danforth – Replaced with New School
    - Miller Middle – Complete
    - Appling Middle – On hold pending a replacement facility
    - Alexander II – In design
    - Burke Elementary – Complete
    Maintenance/Warehouse – In progress
    Complete: Athletic improvements at six high schools and seven middle schools
    Complete: Technology upgrades District-wide
    Complete: Transportation Upgrades
    Completed Projects Funded By the 2005 ESPLOST:
    Total funds collected: $174,969,000

    New schools and facilities:

    •Northwoods Academy
    •Ingram-Pye Elementary
    •Ballard-Hudson Middle
    •Central High
    •Howard High
    •Southwest High

    Facility Improvements and Upgrades:
    •Rutland High Field House
    •Thompson Stadium
    •Hartley Elementary
    •Springdale Elementary
    •Appling Middle
    •Northeast High

    Additional Classrooms and Wings:

    •King-Danforth Elementary
    •Springdale Elementary
    •Miller Middle
    •Weaver Middle

    Completed Projects Funded By the 2000 ESPLOST:
    Total funds collected: $143,754,000

    New schools and facilities built:

    •Alexander II Magnet
    •Bruce Elementary
    •Burdell Hunt Magnet
    •Heritage Elementary
    •Skyview Elementary
    •Taylor Elementary
    •Vineville Academy
    •Bloomfield Middle
    •Howard Middle
    •Rutland Middle
    •Hutchings Career Center
    •Rutland High
    •Central Kitchen

    Facility Improvements and Upgrades:

    •Barden Elementary
    •Burghard Elementary
    •Jones Elementary
    •Lane Elementary
    •Riley Elementary
    •Williams Elementary
    •Northeast High

    Additional Classrooms and Wings:

    •Barden Elementary
    •Bernd Elementary
    •Burghard Elementary
    •Hartley Elementary
    •Jones Elementary
    •Lane Elementary
    •Morgan Elementary
    •Porter Elementary
    •Rice Elementary
    •Riley Elementary
    •Skyview Elementary
    •Appling Middle
Last Modified on October 12, 2017