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    Vision: Each student demonstrates strength of character and is college or career ready.
    Mission: The Bibb County School District will develop a highly trained staff and an engaged community dedicated to educating each student for a 21st century global society.
    • Develop a learning orientation which mobilizes effective effort to accelerate learning.
    • Develop a culture of respect which includes equitable treatment, honesty, openness, and integrity.
    • Use data and evidence-based decisions to determine the training and support provided to adults so they can be accountable for the success of all students.
    • Strengthen productive partnerships for education.
    The Teaching and Learning Department serves a vital role in the life of Bibb County Public Schools. Working to ensure quality teaching and improved student learning is the goal of the Teaching and Learning Department.
    The Teaching and Learning staff directs the implementation of the State of Georgia’s adopted curriculum. Each curricular area coordinator is working to support teachers as they implement these standards.

    The Georgia Performance Standards require a significant change in the manner in which teachers interact with students. Performance Standards not only set a standard for instruction in each curricular area, but require that students can apply their new knowledge in real world situations.

    The Teaching and Learning Department is developing Pacing Guides, Curriculum Maps, and standardized assessments which will ensure that students in every school in Bibb County can demonstrate proficiency in the standards.

Last Modified on September 28, 2017