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Registration is now open!

NOTE: We have updated our online registration dates – Registration will be open until Monday, January 9, 2017.

All completed and signed permission forms need to be turned in to the Instructional Technology Department at the Hutchings building on Riverside Drive by Tuesday, January 10, 2017.

Your school BCSD Technology registration information will be sent to the School Technology Fair Coordinator for verification by Thursday, January 12, 2017. All entries need to be verified by Friday, January 13, 2017.

Please register carefully. We are using the registration form for the State Tech Fair. There are several fields/questions that will need to be completed in case you are the first place winner and go on to the state competition, such as a t-shirt size and working email address.

  • Type your name as you want it to appear on all records. Please verify that correct spelling and capitalization are used.
  • Teams will need to fill out only ONE registration form with both student’s name and information on it. Do not fill out a separate form for each team member.
  • Read the category descriptions before you select your project category. No changes will be made after the project has been confirmed by your school Technology Fair Coordinator. After that time, students' projects will be judged based on the category for which they registered.
    Changes in category WILL NOT be made the day of the fair. Projects will be judged by the rubric of the category under which the project was submitted.

NOTE: Category Name Change: Non–Multimedia Applications has been changed to Productivity Design.


  • Type your email contact address carefully. The Georgia Educational Technology Fair (State Tech Fair) will use this to confirm your registration. Registrations without email addresses will not be accepted. Participants with invalid email addresses will miss important updates and information about the fair. The State Tech Fair is NOT responsible for missed information or changes sent in emails to invalid email addresses.
Click HERE to register for the
BCSD Technology Fair 
Click HERE for the BCSD Technology Fair permission/consent Form 
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